Colorflame Lighters- Filigree and Pink Leopard Art

$5.95 per 2-pack

Revolutionary new COLORFLAME lighters bring the thrill of colored fire to the palm of your hand!

Colorflame lighters are open flame lighters that feature brightly colored fire when lit. COLORFLAME flames come in two colors per pack: Ruby Red and Neon Green.

Colorflame lighters are unique in their own way and have features that include graphic decal wraps; Neon Green and Ruby Red flames; a torch windproof jet flame for tough weather conditions; and electronic ignition for an easy feel on your fingers.

Your lighter is a reflection of your personal style. So whether you’re feeling bold, colorful, astrological, fierce, revved up, sexy, festive or retro, there’s a Colorflame lighter for you.  Colorflame lighters combine amazing colored flames and great looks to match your style.


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